Sabre Corp(NASDAQ:SABR) declared that it has designated Roshan Mendis as senior vice president for Sabre Travel Network, Asia Pacific, following the completion of its acquisition of Abacus International recently.

In his new role, Mendis will be responsible for the overall Sabre Travel Network business in the Asia Pacific region which will comprise the newly attained Abacus business.

Mendis joins the team following 12 years with, where he was most recently president of the Americas, until its sale in early 2015 to Expedia. Mendis was also formally president of Zuji, Travelocity’s Asia Pacific brand, based in Singapore, and prior to that, vice president of Travelocity Partner Network.

Sabre Corp(NASDAQ:SABR) started its trading session with the price of $ 24.00 and closed at $ 24.51 by scoring + 2.42% and traded with total volume of 2.49M shares, while the average trading remained 2.26M shares. During last trade its minimum price was $ 23.82 and it gained the highest price of $ 24.52. Its market capitalization was $ 6.50B.

Microchip Technology Inc.(NASDAQ:MCHP) declared the PIC32 Harmony Software Decoder Framework and Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA) Decoder Library for 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller (MCU)-based consumer-audio application development within the MPLAB® Harmony Integrated Software Framework. The WMA Decoder Library comprises a new modular framework for audio decoders, counting support for MP3 and AAC, allowing easier audio application development.

Microchip’s Audio Decoder Framework allows for audio software codecs to be easily added to a PIC32 design project. Rather than having to rewrite large sections of application code, the framework allows for easier integration into an existing customer application after the corresponding decoder library has been purchased. The WMA Decoder enhances the depth of the library for PIC32 MCU-supported audio decoders, in addition to MP3 and AAC. This enhances the range of audio formats that designers can choose to support. The audio decoder framework within the Harmony environment allows designers to easily add, subtract and switch among various software-based audio decoders. Additionally, counting a WMA decoder gives developers an even wider set of options and support for audio playback.

Microchip Technology Inc.(NASDAQ:MCHP) showing dropped of -0.22% and closed at $ 45.67, after gaining total volume of 2.49M shares. Its opening price was $ 46.12. Its earnings per share(EPS) is $ 1.65 and its beta value stands at 1.20 points and has total market capitalization of $ 9.26B and a total of 202.32M outstanding shares.

ARRIS Group, Inc.(NASDAQ:ARRS) in a groundbreaking FCC proposal that launched a new standard for TV and paved the way for recently TV experiences.

ARRIS (ARRS) is celebrating this milestone at its office in San Diego, California—where the members of the design team pioneered the original system for digital TV. The esteemed members in attendance will comprise Dr. Jerry Heller, Dr. Woo Paik, Dr. Paul Moroney, Bob Rast, and Marc Tayer.

ARRIS Group, Inc.(NASDAQ:ARRS) reported the surge of 0.02% and closed at $ 30.57, with the total traded volume of 2.47M shares and opening price was $ 30.31. During last trade its minimum price was $ 29.17 and it gained its highest price of $ 30.60 and has a total of 145.80M outstanding shares and its total market capitalization is $ 4.46B.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc(NASDAQ:MDRX) client Atlantic General Hospital, located in Berlin, Maryland, U.S.A., achieved Stage 6 on the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) using the Allscripts Sunrise acute electronic health record (EHR).

The HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model measures progress and the cumulative capabilities of EMR systems within hospitals. There are eight stages (0-7) in the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model, and 17.9% of hospitals in the HIMSS Analytics(R) Database have currently reached Stage 6. Hospitals that reach Stage 6 have established clear goals for improving safety, minimizing errors, and prioritizing IT implementations.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc(NASDAQ:MDRX) reported the decline of -1.12%, after closing price for the day was $ 13.21 and opening at the price of $ 13.38. Its total trading volume for the day was 2.44M shares, versus its average volume of 3.13M shares. Its earnings per share are $ -0.31.